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      We are machinists who love riding  

in the sierra foothills. The Rowdy parts

  are produced in the usa from high quality 

materials. Enjoy the site and if you

have a question don't hesitate to contact us. 

Original Kit


The Rowdy rear fender lowering kit repositions the fender more closely in line with

the wheel center. This creates a much more asthetically correct presentation of the back end. 

Unlike conventional frame lowering, the kit acheives the same result without stealing your 

ground clearance. There are no special tools or mechanical skills required. 

Great for solo or 2-up riding. *Designed for Road Stars & Wildstars.

                 ~  aircraft grade materials and grade 8 hardware ~   

         ** Instructions included by Pdf **


Rowdy Kit _ Nu with added.jpg

                $108.00  usa free shipping 

           International Shipping Calculated at Checkout

    For Roadstars & Wild Stars Years 1999-2015.

   ** Does not accommodate continuous one-piece style driver-passenger seats.

Mustang solo seats, YES, but contact us for additional details **

The Combo Kit is the Rowdy Fender Lowering Kit and a Bag Lowering Kit.   Comes with everything you need. Drops the fender approx 2" and the bags

  about 3 inches. The instructions walk you through it step by step and 

no special tools are needed.


    ** Instructions included by Pdf **


Combo Kit_Nu3.jpg
Bag Limit Picture_3.jpg

 please read! bag & pipe fitment

                 $136.00  usa free shipping 

            International Shipping Calculated at Checkout

Rowdykit lower with bag drop.jpg


 After Examples

Charles Ortega.gif
Gauge Assy.jpg

    ** Instructions included by Pdf **


comes assembled

for easy install

 Kit comes with Marshall oil pressure gauge with shock proof internal liquid dampening.  The kit bolts directly to the aft cylinder head. With oil pressure good at the head you can be confident pressure lower in the system is also good. 

The gauge mounts nested in the cove of the head cooling fins and is easily seen

with a tilt of your head as your riding or when you're stopped. 

  Click style to add to Cart

          Kit includes gauge, banjo fittings, adapter, banjo bolt & copper 

               washers, and comes preassembled for 5 minute install.



              0-60psi $62.00 

    Polished body / gold graphics


               0-80psi $62.00 

    Polished body / black graphics

                 0-60psi $62.00 

     Satin black body / gold graphics

             0-80psi $62.00 

   Polished body white graphics

Oil pressure _7.jpg
Pressure gauge_edited_2.jpg
With pressure_3.jpg

  ~ Rider Comments ~

 "Rick, I love the oil pressure gauge. . Last Summer my oil pump shaft broke not sure how I got out of that one without damage but there appears to be none. The gauge looks awesome and was easy to install, perfect placement to see while I ride. An extra plus was not having to hunt down the parts to do this myself. You made it easy!"

"Rick, Got the fender kit on yesterday. Very happy with result. With the Kuryakyn taillight-turn signal setup and your fender kit the bike looks great.! Danny Gray seat still fits but the stock seat looks better. The kit you made is a masterstroke and pretty easy to install.. Sure put a smile on my face."

"Thanks a bunch for resending the instructions. I bought my Roadstar in April of 99 and she still looks and runs like a new bike, however I have always disliked the positioning of the rear fender. Now, thanks to you, I can resolve that source of irritation that has bugged me for all the those years. Thanks again and I will send pics..

"I was just mocking up some Harley touring bags and had the idea that I might be able to lower the Yamaha fender... I compared the clearance, checked the suspension travel, and my brain went to work designing the parts. Then I thought that I might as well check and see if somebody has already thought of this... lol... your kit looks great, and when I factor in my time, there's no way I could do it cheaper! :)  I'd like to order a kit!"

"Rick, the kit went on easy, a buddy hung out with me in the garage and drank my beer while I installed it :)  only took about a half hour, .. so easy!!...  just admiring the results.

Can't believe the difference.. thank you! "

"Hey man just want to let you know that your fender kit is kick ass! Everything fits perfect. I’ll have to send you a picture when my bikes complete, still waiting on cables for my apes and a new tail light with integrated blinkers."



Fender lowering kit pics

Gauge Kits
Diamond Plate.jpg


Thank you for visiting 

and checking out our products. We're open to all inquiries comments, ideas or questions.

I usually respond within an hour.                        


Combo Kit
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